Japanese Correction Course

We carefully correct your “diary”, “conversation sentence”, “resume” in Japanese. Corrected documents will be handed as data. We’ll record an audio file that pronounce by Japanese native speaker for you.
By writing and correcting your diary repeatedly helps improving your comprehension skill. You might found it useful when you chat on Skype in Japanese!
This course covers all “reading”, “writing”, “listening” and “speaking” skills, it will be useful for improving Japanese language skills.


Flow of service

STEP.1 Create sentences in Japanese(diary, conversation sentence, resume, interview)

Attach your content in word or excel format and mail it to us.

STEP.2 Correction

We’ll not only correct your content but also send you the details of explanation.
Depending on your content, we will not only modify it but also add more natural sentences for you to compare.

STEP.3 Create an audio file of the corrected sentence

By vocalizing the sentences you created yourself, you can practice listening with this audio teaching materials. Also, it is possible to select male and female voices.
※ Male, female voice may not be selectable according to the timing.

STEP.4 Transmit the corrected sentences and audio files in data format

We send the corrected sentences and audio file by attaching a file to you by e-mail.

STEP.5 Utilize as your own teaching materials as you like

This data will be your own original teaching material. Keep practicing to improve your Japanese.

STEP.6  Create your next Japanese content and send it to us.

Maximum one Japanese content per day is acceptable.

* Correcting costs 2 working days and audio file creation costs 3 days.



1800 yen/per lesson

※Within 500 letters per time

※Tax included



※The options of this session has been cancelled.

You can discuss with your tutor on Skype and correct your article based on the content you sent. You’re also welcome to visit us at our office to talk about your writing in person. We are happy to help you improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Optional Fee

30 mins×4 lessons 6,000 yen

※Tax included.



Please fill out the form for application.

Please remember to fill in the number of applications (Within 500 letters per time) We’ll get back to you soon with the application procedure.

※We may not be able to accept some area of expertise. Please consult with us in advance.
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