We offer classes for foreigners who are working or on their working holiday in Japan. We also hold cultural exchange events for foreigners to meet up with Japanese people.

I want to

Improve my speaking skill!

Learn business Japanese!

Speak like native Japanese!

Make some Japanese friends!

Chat as much in Japanese as you can!

If you are thinking about any of the above, you can’t miss out on Ohana Bloom!

Our strengths

Acceptable tuition and fee, small-group teaching and we also offer special language support!

Compare Language school in Tokyo(3 month Course)

OHANA(※1) Language school A Language school B Language school C
Tuition fee 92,000yen 256,000yen 196,500yen 167,000yen
Days a week 3days 5days 5days 5days
Total class hours 115h 156h 150h 150h
Tuition fee per hour 800yen/h 1640yen/h 1310yen/h 1110yen/h
Maximum number of students 14 15 20 20
Average of number of students 10 12 18 18
VISA support
Curriculum mainly conversation mainly grammar/vocabularies
Recommended to who working visa holder,working holiday visa holder,etc International students who want to enter university(※2)


※1:The price herein is based on our Comprehensive Japanese Speaking Course

※2:The tuition for Japanese language schools that focus on providing classes for business person is significantly higher than that of above.


Ohana Bloom’s features

Why is Ohana Bloom’s tuition lower than other language schools?

We do not rely on agent; rather, we rely on our own advertisement and word-of-mouth from our own students.

(Generally, the agent will charge 20-30% of the tuition as commission if the student is introduced by it. Therefore, the tuition is usually higher for these schools.)


Why is the schedule set as 2 to 3 classes per week?

Ohana Bloom aims at providing lessons to business person. If you only come to the language school for classes without timely reviewing what you have learned, it is not going to be very effective.

Therefore, we set the schedule as 2 to 3 classes per week so that our students, business person or part-time workers, will have enough time to review what they have learned.


What other services does Ohana Bloom offer?

Our student will have priority to attend the Japanese cultural exchange events and enjoy the price discount.

Moreover, our students can also enjoy free resume corrections, free interview practices, and free workshops that will be held periodically.


LINE registration

We are constantly distributing guides to our Japanese classes, information on jobs and international exchange events.
Please register if you would like to receive such information.

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Ohana Bloom’s programs

In order to provide more options for people who are interested in learning Japanese, we offer multiple choices as listed below.
Please find the class that interests you and fits your language level, and enjoy the Japanese learning journey with Ohana Bloom!

※If you can tell us your Japanese level in the inquiry form, we can direct you to a class that suits your level.

For inquiry form please click here


Comprehensive Japanese Speaking Course


(For JLPT N3 level or above)
This is a 3 lessons per week,3 months course.If you are available on weekdays,this course is for you.In this course,you will learn both daily and business conversation. We also will focus on your pronunciation and Japanese culture.

Practical business class


(For JLPT N1 level)
This is a 3 lessons per week,3 months course. This class is recommended for those who already basically understand business KEIGO (polite language) but find it hard to use it well in practice.
You will learn practical business KEIGO while performing role plays of a wide variety of business scenarios.
This does not cover conversation only, and you will also learn about business emails that you can use in actual business scenarios.

Business + Daily Conversation Course


(For JLPT N2 level or above)
This is a 2 lessons per week, 3 months course. This course is for those who are thinking of learning Japanese after work or considering looking for a job in Japan. We’ll focus on teaching Keigo (honorific expression). Our teachers will demonstrate natural Japanese conversation for you to learn the new expressions which are not in text books!

Conversation class using N1/N2 grammar


(N1 conversation:for N2 or above, N2 conversation:for N3 or above)
This is a twice-weekly 3-month course. As there is an impression that grammar of N2 or above is not used very often in conversation, the number of students who use N1 and N2 grammar in conversation is very small.
In this class, we use and learn from our original teaching materials for which we have carefully selected only grammar and vocabulary that are actually used by Japanese people.
If you know what grammar is used in conversation, you will be able to use grammar at a higher level, and with greater confidence.

Natural Conversation Course


(For JLPT N2 level or above)
This is a class to learn natural Japanese on weekends, once a week for 10 times.
Living in Japan, do you sometimes hear conversations between Japanese people that you have never studied at school or in a textbook?
In this class, we shall learn this kind of natural conversation. Two teachers will actually demonstrate natural conversation in the classroom.

Intermediate Conversation Course

Intermediate Conversation Course

(For JLPT N2,N3 level)
This is a 2 lessons per week,3 months course.This course is held twice a week for three months. This course is recommended for those people who can read and listen to grammar up to N3, but when they try to use it conversation, the words just don’t come out.
We envisage a wide variety of situations each time for you to practice using conversations in everyday life.

N3 Grammar Course


(For JLPT N3,N4 level)
This is a 2 lessons per week,3 months course.If you are planning to take JLPTN3,this is the class for you.We’ll focus on N3 level grammar and vocabulary.Students who want to review N3 level Japanese are also welcome.
We’ll explain the structure of grammar,and also,having conversation in class.
Writing skill will also be focused,we’ll correct your writing for you.

N4 Grammar Course


(For JLPT N4,N5 level)
This is a 2 lessons per week,3 months course. The main purpose of this class is to learn N4 grammar and conversation. There are some people who can read and understand the grammar, but difficult to use them. Writing skill and daily conversation practice will also be focused in this class.

N5 Grammar Course


(For beginners)
This is a 2 lessons per week,3 months course. This is aimed at students who have just started learning Japanese, and is a course aimed at teaching you basic vocabulary and grammar. When learning new grammar, in addition to learning the meaning and format, we include conversation exercises each time, to enable you to use the grammar in daily life.
※You will need to be able to read and write Hiragana and Katakana before starting this course.

JLPT N1/N2 Examination Course

JLPT N1N2試験対策コース

This course is for students who are preparing JLPT N1 or N2 examination. By giving assignments and tests every week to improve comprehension.
We also will focus on frequent test questions!
Furthermore, you can send e-mail if you have any question outside the classroom! Let’s get to the goal together!

1 coin lesson

In this course,you can have a Japanese lesson with only one coin (500 yen). This is a class that you can learn vocabulary and grammar for Japanese examination(JLPT). Take this Japanese class at least once a week and enjoy learning Japanese!

Japanese Correction Course

We correct your diary,sentences and resume for you.
We’ll sent you the data after we correct it.
Furthermore, we’ll record an audio file pronounced by native Japanese for you.
The audio file will help you improve and learn Japanese more effectively.