※This course is for those who has Visas.

This course is recommended for those who want to learn N3 level grammar, vocabulary, or those who want to review N3 level Japanese. Most of the Japanese language schools have large class size and do not have plenty of time for students to practice speaking skills. However, this course is a small group class, we will go through the grammar explanation and check your writing for you.

Small group size, inexpensive, full of service!

We also provide consulting service for N3 exam preparation.



<About the course>


1st session: 19:00 ~ 19:50 2nd session: 20:00 ~ 20:50 3rd session: 21:00 ~ 21:50






☆Other services☆
It is possible to participate in exchange meet up events for fee. (Usually it cost about10,000yen) It’s a great opportunity for you to make friends with Japanese and foreigners from other countries.
※We offer 500 yen discount for those meeting fee is above 500 yen.


<Joining qualifications>

・People who own a visa and already in Japan.

・Students who passed N4 Passed or have a suitable level.

* Don’t worry if you are no sure what level you are in. Please feel free to contact us.


<Tuition fee>

Tuition fee: 49,800 yen (tax included)

* Teaching materials are NOT included. (About 2,000 yen)

The teaching materials will be explained in detail when you come to the classroom.


<How to apply>

STEP1 Level check

Our staff will check your level in person to confirm if this class is suitable for you.

Please contact us by clicking the “inquiry” below. Tell us your available time and date!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us

* Those who passed N4 or have higher qualifications can sign up for the class without level check.

* We provide lessons through Skype for students who do not live in Tokyo. Please let us know if you require this service.

STEP2 Submission of Application Form

We will send the participation rules to those who wish to attend.

Please submit the application form after confirming the terms and conditions.

STEP3 Payment of tuition fee

After submitting the application form, please pay tuition fee.

Either cash or transfer is acceptable. For those who wish to transfer, we will contact you individually for further information.

※You are responsible for the transfer fee.

※Three installments is available.
However, it costs 540 yen (tax included) as a commission.